YES 3rd Grade Homework

Our Class Specific Homework:

Reading: Your child should be reading every night.  I expect them to read for around 20 minutes a night. This reading time will look very different for different readers. For most readers, this will mean 20 minutes (or more!), sitting in a calm, quiet spot with a book. If this is a prohibitive challenge for your reader, reading homework may be:
1) partner reading a book with a parent or a sibling
2) listening to a book read to them by a person or a program
3) reading a picture book out loud to a parent or sibling to practice fluency
4) another way of getting "time on text" every night
The goal is to create a reader who looks forward to reading. If you are unsure what this looks like, please contact me for more ideas!

Spelling: We will be using the Words Their Way spelling program this year. WTW is an individualized approach that focuses in on the skills each child needs to develop into a stronger speller. Much of our work with WTW will be making and discussing word sorts based on different spelling patters. As we finish sorts, your speller will be bringing them home. I encourage you do discuss the sorts with them, and have them explain to you what they mean!

Math: In general, you should get a math Home Link every night Monday through Thursday.  Some units take longer than one day to complete, and those days you may not get one.  When we assess a unit, there will also not be a Home Link.  These should be pretty quick to complete and will generally focus on a new concept and some review as well.  If they are causing stress, write me a note and send them back as-is.

Discovery Math comes home every Friday (unless I am not there or sometimes there are short weeks and strange schedules) and is usually on bright orange or yellow paper.  These are not collected until the next week, and get returned a week after that.  Since we don't teach directly to these, I cannot require your child to do them.  However, I will say that at Yarmouth we have noticed a correlation between completing Discovery Math and success in math in general.  These can be difficult, and should not cause too much stress.  If they become too difficult, then only doing part of a Discovery Math is totally acceptable.  Do what you and your child can, don't make it a stress-inducer. Have fun with them!

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