Friday, April 7, 2017

Spirit Week!

Hello Families,

Our first Spirit Week at YES was a rousing success! Kicking off Monday afternoon with a whole-school competitive team-building game called Entourage, it just got more fun from there. On Tuesday we wore our clothes inside-out. Who knew how useless pockets are on the outside of your pants? On Wednesday it was Clipper Colors day, and YES was a sea of navy blue and white. There may have even been some YHS Cross Country and Soccer jackets circulating in our classroom from the mid 90s! Thursday we were all mix-matched, which made me feel like my own brand of fashion had finally come to the fore. Finally, for the ultimate event, today was HAT DAY! That was definitely a good choice to cap the week off. Here's a video showing some of the fun we had.

Enjoy the weekend!


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