Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello Friends and Families!

That's right, we're almost through January and into February. Wow, how time flies! I hope you enjoyed the snow day. It felt more like a "trapped in the house while the sky sends ice upon us" day in our house. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed our first Blogger of the Week update last week! There should be more every week or two as the year progresses. Exciting stuff! Here are some other classroom updates:

Math: We just moved into Unit 5, we'll be doing lots more with multiplication facts and strategies. I will be sending home practice packets in Friday Folders, these are optional but will give good practice. We'll also be starting XtraMath in class, for more fact practice.

Writing: We are well into our persuasive essays! Authors are writing about things they'd like to change or things they think are great. Fair warning: this unit has been correlated with increased student sophistication in requesting household pets. Watch for good reasoning!

Reading: Mysteries abound as we wrap up our mysteries unit. We'll be doing our Mysteries Unit assessment this week, after a rousing unit full of suspense, red herrings, and clues. I'm excited to see how things go.

Geography: Two major things right now to work on are Postcards and Projects. The postcard is, well, a postcard from anywhere in the world! The project varies for each kiddo and country, but they should be well underway and are due in February. There is a bright pink sheet with all the info that you should have somewhere at home, if you've lost it and need more information let me know.

Book Order: Our first book order of 2017 will be placed on February 1st. If you have some books you're looking to get, make sure to order them by then.

That's it for now, stay warm and dry,

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 20, 2017

Welcome to our first installment of the Abbott Gazette. Every week or so we will have classroom Bloggers of the Week who will relate to Mrs. Landry the ups, downs, ins and outs currently in the classroom. Our first week bloggers were Josh and Jude. We'll be sure to get a picture in here of them ASAP. In the meantime, here we go!

We worked on Perimeters & Area.
We also worked on Fractions, including quarters & halves.
We completed our Multiplication Assessment at the end of the week.

We are in the middle of reading Holes by Louis Sachar. It is about going to Camp Greenlake.

We are working on Persuasive writing.

Working on Flags and Maps for our chosen countries.
Dance Party for Gloria.