Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Days

Hello Families!

I hope you're out enjoying some of this lovely weather this weekend, even if it is a bit cold. As the weather gets colder, the kiddos will be bringing in more and more layers, which creates the opportunity to lose more and more layers. Please write your name or initials on everything, the tables of Lost and Found by the office get very large this time of year.

Things are moving along at a brisk clip in Room 103. We've pulled together the last threads of our fall units and are transitioning over into our winter units. Only a few weeks until the holidays are upon us, and then it's time to welcome in 2017! Hard to imagine we're staring at that already. Here are a few updates about what's going on in Mr. Abbott's class at Yarmouth Elementary School.

Book Order: Our most recent book order was due on Friday, but I've extended it until this WEDNESDAY because I forgot to give out the free book coupons! So feel free to place an order before Wednesday and Scholastic guarantees that the books will arrive before we go on vacation.

Recipes: We've been sharing recipes in class for our Super Secret Project, thank you to everyone who has sent one in already. It can be for anything: something you make once a year, something you make once a week, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack! All originals will be coming home, we'll take very good care of them.

Community Meeting: The Third Grade Community Meeting around the theme of optimism on Thursday was a rousing success! We pulled it together very quickly, and I have gotten great feedback from all over the school. Our class made small, bright posters with optimistic slogans on them and decorated them. We then blew them up into huge 4-paper by 4-paper puzzle posters using the web site Block Posters. We made enough for each classroom to get a puzzle. During the community meeting, we hid out on the side of the stage and then shouted our slogans as loudly as possible, while being projected huge on the walls of the cafeteria! It was, to quote a student, "EPIC!" Watch the video of us working on our posters in class, and then watch the video of the entire performance (you can't, unfortunately, see us, but you can definitely hear us between each presentation).

Volunteers: We had our first volunteers in this week reading Time for Kids with the class. It went smashingly! We'll be needing more volunteers soon to help us put together our White Books in advance of our Publishing Party. Which brings me to...

Publishing Party: We'll be having our first Publishing Party, for our Personal Narratives, on either December 15th or 16th in the morning. I'm still finalizing the date and time, and I will email that information out as soon as possible.

Reading: We start Mysteries this week! Get ready to hear lots of Detective-speak over the next few weeks as we delve into the world of sleuths, criminals, alibis, and red herrings!

Writing: We'll also be developing Opinion pieces as our next unit of study. Don't be surprised if your third grader starts using some pretty sophisticated techniques to persuade you that they really need you to make some changes for them.

That's it for now, look forward to seeing you soon,

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