Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pitch Investigations, Updates

Hello families!

We've been mighty busy here at YES over the last week or so, and here are a few updates about what's going on.

We're about halfway through the MEAs. Kiddos have been doing a great job putting forth best work and best effort every day. Tomorrow we do another round of math, and only two more days next week until we're done. Keep getting lots of sleep and having a solid breakfast!

We've been investigating sound: what is it, what makes it, how can we change it, how can we communicate with it? Yesterday we did an investigation of how the length of a vibrating object affects its pitch. With the help of our HMS videographer, Lilia, we put together this video:

Thanks, Lilia, and great job scientists!

Book Order
Our April Book Order will be placed on Friday, April 1st. Your child should have brought home the fliers as well as a "Spend $10, get a free $5 book" coupon. You can enter the code on the coupon at checkout to get your free book!

Beach Day
Friday is also Beach Day at YES.  Everyone is encouraged to wear beach clothes and bring in a towel to sit on during lunch (the tables won't be put out). This is a super fun day every year, I look forward to seeing you there! If you (an adult) are planning on having a school lunch, please call ahead and let the cafeteria know.

We've been looking into volume and measurements this unit. It's pretty exciting!

We continue on our Non-Fiction reading unit. Today we completed part 1 of our unit assessment, we'll be continuing on Friday afternoon.

Our Non-Fiction books are coming along great! You should have seen a few pages so far to make edits on together with your author. Keep sending them back in, and we'll keep making the changes as they come along. We hope to get our books finished up before April vacation, so we can have a publishing party when we return at the end of April or early May.

Genius Hour
We're making great progress towards our Genius Hour investigations. Tomorrow we start looking at some ways to share the information we've learned with our classmates, and show off some of our newly acquired genius skills!

Rock Climbing
Everyone brought home a permission slip for rock climbing at YHS on Monday. We usually try to tie this experience in with the end of our Geology unit, but since Don Simms, the high school phys. ed. teacher was out this fall, we had to wait until now. Wear comfortable clothes!

We've learned all kinds of ways to practice mindfulness with Mrs. DiRusso this year. So many, in fact, that when she asked us today what one of the first mindful techniques we learned was, there were oodles of hands with loads of great ideas before we got to the one she was looking for! Very relaxing in the afternoons.

That's it for now. Please let me know if you have any concerns!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Indoor Recess

Today was indoor recess. Tomorrow likely will be indoor recess. So we decided to make the best of it:

Rain, rain, go away!


Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Pi Day at YES!

Today in third grade we had a special challenge from Mr. Gross: could we calculate the value of Pi using a plate, some string, and a ruler? We got some great results. Here we are hard at work, along with Mrs. Colfer and Mrs. Ney's class. 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Final Lego WeDo

Wow, what a busy week. More on that later. For now, here's a video of our final Lego WeDo session. The kiddos are doing pretty good with the activity by now, and if you can, please notice the amazing teamwork and accountable talk going on. You can't actually hear it, but you can definitely see it happening. 

Not shown here are the ten minutes when the Superintendent of Schools, Andrew Doloff, and three building principals: Betsy Lane, Ellen Honan, and Eric Klein, as well as the Director of Instructional Support, Jodi McGuire. Did our budding engineers bat an eyelash? Not at all! They were cool, calm, collected, and focused on the task at hand. What an inspiring group. 

I hope you enjoy. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book Order

Hello Families!

I told the class today that I would remind you all that our Book Order will be placed this Friday, March 4th. If you plan on ordering in March please try to have your order completed by lunch on Friday. If you miss Friday, no worries, we'll be ordering again in April!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support!

(You can place your order from here!)