Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lego WeDo

Hello Families,

As you may have heard this week, we started our first sessions of Lego WeDo in the STEM Lab with Mrs. Wolinsky this week. On Monday, we had an introduction and our first hour, and then on Friday we had another hour working in tandem with Mrs. Fier's 4th graders. We've been doing Lego WeDo at YES for a few years now, and I am amazed every year at home well the kids work together.

Lego WeDo encourages budding engineers to think critically, while using hands-on dexterity and programming skills to achieve a desired result. Once that has happened, they are encouraged to experiment more and see what sorts of things they can make happen. Collaboration is key, since nobody is working alone. Accountable talk rules the day, and teamwork reigns supreme. Here is a slideshow of some of our first session of building!

I hope you enjoy, we sure did!


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