Sunday, January 31, 2016

Leaping into February

Hello Families!

It's hard to believe, but it's true, February is here, and even with an extra day this year it is still the shortest month, so I'm sure it will pass by just as quick as January. Here's an update with some new happenings in Mr. Abbott's class (we're working on getting pictures into the iPad to upload here, I'd blame the Classroom Photographer, but as the Head Kid In Charge, I think the buck stops here).

Scholastic: Wow! We had such a great order in January that we got free bookmarks for everyone, a free book for everyone, and a coupon for a free $5 book if you spend $10 in February! That was the most fun book order to open up yet! I will be placing our February book order this Friday, February 5th, so if you want to use that coupon please make sure to place your order online by Friday!

Conferences: Conferences are this week! See your email for a reminder in case you haven't signed up yet.

Yearbooks: Yearbook orders are pouring in, it will be so much fun when they arrive! If you haven't placed your yearbook order yet and plan to, please do it soon. If you need help with this, please let me know.

Math: You should have gotten a bunch of basic operations assessments back in last week's Friday Folder. We use some of that information to help figure out where and what to focus on in the coming weeks. We're also halfway through Math Unit 5, we've been practicing fractions and strategies for multiplication. Even on nights with no Home Link, feel free to keep practicing those facts! If there are 6 cars in a parking lot and 4 motorcycles, how many tires are there all together?

Reading: We're between reading units right now, and taking some time before vacation to catch up on Read to Self before our Mystery Books disappear to the back room again. I'll give it away: the culprit who will commit this crime? Mr. Abbott!

Writing: We've printed out all of our Persuasive Pieces, and I have to say, they're pretty impressive. Many future lawyers, advocates, and lobbyists for change are expressing their views. We're using some of our writing time now to work on our Google Slides presentations about countries, color in our country flags, and create water-colored maps of our countries.

Cursive/Typing: We've learned all of the "tow-truck" letters, and not it's just practice, practice, practice! Kiddos have the option, as well, to work on their typing skills, which progresses completely independently for everyone.

Laptops/Technology: We continue our explorations with Google Slides, and just added "Prodigy" as a new option for math practice. Mr. Abbott just went to a conference on technology in eduction, and we'll be returning to Kidblog this week to write some more persuasive pieces as a way of experimenting of linking our Google Drives to Kidblog, all via the cloud! Warning to parents: we may start sending out more updates about classroom activities via Twitter! This looks like a fun, quick way to keep you posted on class events and share what's going on.

Thank you to parents who were able to come in and help us with publishing and grading help, and when you see your child's amazing portfolio/White Book, an extra thank you to Lynne Gawtry for gluing all our work into them over the weekend.

Take care and see you soon,

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