Thursday, December 3, 2015

Boliday Blog by Hadley and Chloe

Math:  Our class reviewed unit 3 in our math assessment, with some of the students moving on to math books.  In this unit we worked on Name Collection Boxes, which are boxes of numbers that has a number in the corner and the equations must add, subtract, multiply, etc. to get to that number and we call these equivalents.  We also worked on What's My Rule? where sometimes we start with the rule and we have to find the answers to the missing machine parts and sometimes the rule is missing, so we use the information from the machine to give us the rule.

Writing:  We finished our personal narratives which were about a special moment in our life and they were open for comments at the publishing party.  We shared favorite recipes and typed them up.  We wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs. Lane to get an extra 10 minutes of recess!  We also wrote about improvements that need to be done to the playground.

Reading:   All things mystery; our class received a link to a prezi from a mystery person and we are reading a book about a dog, Ike, that solves a mystery.  A prezi is a letter that has a title and a bunch of tiny little shapes, if you press an arrow key it will go to the first shape, then second, and so on until you get to the end of the letter.

Science:  We finished up the layers of the earth and volcano diagram.  We used an App to draw a picture of what the earth's insides are made of.

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