Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Abbott Gazette

This week....

Math..... Math Explorations (thanks volunteers!) expanded form subtraction (acc. To our bloggers that means a two or three digit number minus another two or three digit number), square products, commutative property of multiplication

Here's some pictures from our explorations:

Writing... Thankful Tree, personal narratives, Farmer Abbott's Thanksgiving (that's a surprise!)

Reading... Gooseberry Park, mysteries on the way, finished Tiger and Dixie, "Tough Day for Thomas" (practice), "Abby Takes Her Shot"

Science... Crystals came home, Volcanoes and Layers of the Earth 

Junior Achievement... Money, money, money and How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals (thank you Mrs. Gawtry!)

This week's Bloggers of the Week, Charley and Christopher!

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