Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Chills

Happy October!

Hello families of Mr. Abbott's class! Welcome to October in third grade. We are moving right along this fall, and well into the swing of things. Here's a couple of updates about what's going on.

BOOK ORDER: Our first book order has shipped and should arrive this week. Our October book order came home this week, and I will be placing it on Monday afternoon. This one is a quick turnaround, because the YES Book Fair is coming up later in October, and I don't want to get folks confused. If you miss this order, it's not a problem, the Book Fair is coming right up!

PICTURE DAY: Picture day is here! Notices were sent home in Friday Folders. If you need another order form, please send me an email. Make sure to look good on Picture Day! (I don't have the flyer here, but YES Calendar says October 8th!)

MATH PRACTICE: We've been using a slew of different math sites for fact practice. You may have heard them mentioned by now: Sumdog, XtraMath, and BigBrainz. We'll be adding more to that list as the year goes on. The kiddos should have logins and passwords down before too long, if you need help with that please send me an email.


SCIENCE: As you've probably heard, your budding geologist is looking for the perfect rock this weekend. We heard all sorts of rules for what will and what won't work to pick a rock, and most important of all: it has to be right for you. We've talked about the four layers of the earth, and next week we'll start exploring the different kinds of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.

MATH: We delved into division and multiplication this week. We've started by exploring equal shares and groups. You've hopefully also encountered the multiplication/division fact triangles that were part of the math homework this week. Those are some great fact families to begin memorizing.

READING: We continue to build a reading life, and have been practicing making good choices during our reading workshop. I've had a chance to read one-on-one with almost everyone, and we'll get to start reading groups next week, which I'm super excited about!

Here's a couple of pics of reading time in class:

(Listen To Reading is a very popular choice at this point in the year...)

WRITING: We finished our first writing prompt this week, using the lists of seed ideas we developed over the last week or so. Writers did great, and I'm excited to take a look at some of their ideas, and start getting my own ideas about what to focus on this year for each writer.

That's our academic outlook, I hope it's as interesting to you as it is to us!

Take care and see you soon,