Sunday, June 14, 2015

Field Day Pics


I'm hoping this is a slideshow of Field Day pics. Lots of hope!


Field Day and End of Year

Hello families of Mr. Abbott's Class!

Field day was a massive success! Team Abbott, in red, started at Quidditch, progressed through water stations, did some Star Wars Dodgeball, got our faces painted, played multiple kinds of tag, bounced in bouncy castles, soared through an obstacle course, flapped a parachute, searched for gold, carried pizzas, and noshed on popsicles. A few minor injuries, but everyone held together and if the kiddos had as much fun as I did, then they surely had a good time.

I slept well Friday night.

I'm not adding pictures in, yet, because I'm going to experiment with a slideshow on Picasa. We'll see how that goes! Wish me luck.

A HUGE thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us at the various stations during Field Day. It was super fun to come to a new station and see moms and dads from our class running the show. Kudos to you, Field Day couldn't happen without you!

Three days left!

Monday we'll be going full-steam to make sure everyone has all of their work in Whitebooks and Portfolios. We'll also be checking to make sure that we remember how to give our Wax Museum Speeches!

Tuesday is our classroom learning celebration. It starts at 2:15 with the Biography Wax Museum, and will transition around 2:30-ish to Whitebook work celebration, when you will be able to peruse some of the amazing work your third grader has done this year with him or her. I will also be distributing final Report Cards as you leave on Tuesday. I know how tempting it can be, but please wait until you make it home to look at it and share it with your child. I will be available later in the week if you would like to chat, but during and after the learning celebration is a very busy time, and not optimal. Can't wait to see you!

Wednesday is the last day of school, and is a half day. Students will be going home at 12 noon. Before that, we will be having a field day of our own at Royal River Park. If you would like to join us, we plan on getting there around 9:15, and leaving at 10:30. When we get back to school it will be our last class activity of the year: a pizza party! If you haven't sent your slip back to school yet with your preference for lunch, please do so Monday.

What a year! I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday afternoon!