Friday, May 29, 2015

YES HERALD 5/29/15

(Disclaimer: as in thenprevious post, this one is a bit late, due to Mr. Abbott, not our bloggers. Events mentioned have already happened! I will be posting a picture-filled post to cover the last three blogs ASAP. Thank you for your understanding! -Mr. Abbott)

This Week's Bloggers: Mia and Regan

We are in the home stretch now.  But before we head off into Vacationland,  we have to cram a little more  math, science, reading and writing into our brains.  We are super busy and energized by the warm air and sunshine on the other side of the windows. Sitting still is getting harder.  


Last week the class divided into groups and created board games that used our  skills.  This week, we played them!  Regan's group invented a game called Sticker Marines.  Mia's group played Devil's  Ride.   


We're learning about a lot of famous people in our biography unit.  This week Mr Abbott  read the life story of Harry Houdini, a renowned escape artist.  


This week we're harnessing the power of argument and learning how to write persuasively.  Next week we'll incorporate these skills into a writing piece. 


You might have noticed our clothes and hands came home a little dirty on Thursday. Well, creating the universe is a messy business.  Artist Kat Gilles took us outside to make two projects, pastel drawings of the  solar system and paper mâché planets.  Eventually, we'll bring these projects home to show yu, but first we're going  to hang our planets up in the classroom 

In Other News....

We went to the see two plays put on by Mrs. Parkin's and Mrs Rhodes' classrooms. 
One was about the Underground Railroad and the other was about a starfish, and a towel.  Not sure how those fit together, but Mia said the play was great!


Field Trip Monday!

We are going to the Planetarium at USM.   No rocket ship required. We'll take the bus. Chaperones are asked to be at school by 10:15. We hope to be back by 12:30.  

Party Time! 

Those of  us who have summer birthdays will celebrate  our birthdays early with our school friends next week. 

Testing, Testing..

Please make sure we get a good sleep on Wednesday followed by a yummy breakfast because we'll be taking our MAP test on Thursday.   This one is a one hour assessment of our math skills. 

Have a great weekend!

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