Friday, May 15, 2015

YES HERALD 5/15/15

(Disclaimer: while our excellent bloggers finished this update weeks ago, our editor (Mr. Abbott) has been lax in publishing on time. Please keep in mind that most of the "Upcoming Events" in this post have already happened! -Mr. Abbott)

This week's  bloggers: Colby, Duncan and Michael


We are learning about capacity and how to determine the volume of things. 
Duncan says now the class  knows the metric system by heart!  

We're also  inventing game boards that combine our  creativity and  our addition and subtraction skills. Colby and Michael are making a board with origami game pieces.  Duncan's board had a McDonald's theme.  McDonalds might not be happy.  


As you know, we've been reading biographies. This week we wrote biography speeches that we'll deliver on Grandparents day dressed in costume 
Duncan will portray Apple founder Steve Jobs.  Colby  has been studying Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Michael will dress up as children's author. Dr Seuss.


-Jobs named his company after his favorite fruit. 
-Gates full name is William Henry gates III. 
-Seuss, whose real name is Theodor Geisel, married Susan Palmer. 


Clap, clap. We are finishing our sound unit.
Next up: the solar system. 


Grandparents Day

Next Friday we're inviting our grandparents and grandfriends to school.  A schedule of activities will be coming home in folders next week. 

Magic Theater

NYA students put on a play about imagination and dreams.  

4th Grade Concert

The 4th graders put on an awesome concert for the whole school.  This year's concert was bittersweet because it's the last one Mrs. Renton will lead. She's retiring at the end of the school year. 

FREE Smoothies 

On Thursday, the head of all the school cafeterias came to YES to serve free blueberry spinach smoothies and chocolate chip muffins. Colby said the smoothies were "very amazing."   According to Mr. Abbott, the event is promoting a new breakfast program that will begin next fall. 

Choo-Choo!  All aboard the bike train! 

Mr Abbott led a bike train to school on Friday picking up riders along the way. More than 70 kids pedaled together. Participants got stickers, a certificate and a bracelet.  

New Classroom Pet

We have a new beta fish named Leviathan, or Levi for short .  Michael noticed he spits out his food. 
Do you know what a leviathan is?


Costumes are due next Thursday! 
Grandparents day is Friday!

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