Friday, April 10, 2015

YES HERALD 4/10/15

This week's Bloggers:  Norah and Ella


Big numbers don't scare us. We are learning how to multiply  double digit numbers using the butterfly technique. Many parents may know this technique as cross-multiplying.  

Thanks to Ella's grandfather, Norah's Mom and Maya's Mom for helping out with Math Exploration. They showed us how to work with graphs. 

On Friday,  we had a math assessment. 


Goodbye non-fiction unit.  Hello biographies. We are reading a library series called "Who Was/Is..." that tells the life stories of many famous people. Who was Helen Keller?  Ella says she was the first deaf and blind woman to complete college. Norah read about Anne Frank, a girl who wrote a diary about her experience hiding from from the Nazis during World War II. 


The class is working really hard  to complete their expert books in time for the publishing party next week.  Parents will have the chance to read all our work stories  at the next Tuesday afternoon at 1:45. The Sound maker parade will follow outside in the school garden. 


In our science unit, we are learning how the length of an object affects  pitch. For example, We did an experiment with 5 glass bottles, each filled with different amounts of water.  When we hit them with a stick, they made different sounds. Ella says the bottles with more water had  a lower pitch. 


Mrs. March Returns!

Mrs. March, a former 4th grade teacher at YES, came to our class twice this week to teach us about poetry and marbling. She was super nice. She had us cut out hearts and fill them with things that inspire us. Ella is inspired by her family, sunsets, spring and the beach in Hawaii.  Norah takes inspiration from her family, dogs, springtime and her pet fish.  

The marbling technique involved shaving cream and food coloring. We swirled it around with a fork, wiped off the shaving cream, and voila!  A cool marble pattern emerged. 

Juggling...Not With Fire

We are working on our juggling skills with Mrs Ney's class. Mrs. Ney can juggle three balls and she's working on adding a fourth. Wow. 

Wheat Grass Fiesta

We harvested our wheat grass on Friday and used it to make smoothies.  The wheat grass wasn't that delicious all by itself, but combined with other fruits and vegetables, it was delicious!! 
Big thanks to Mrs. Sinclair for all her help with this project!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Chickens!


Our class is lucky enough to be in charge of taking care of the YES hens for two weeks: April 13th-16th (the week before vacation) and April 17th - May 1st. I would love to have one or two volunteers for each week who can come in at a regular time, pick up a group of students, and go take care of the chickens! More details will come in an email this week, in the meantime, if you are interested, take a look at the link below to see what's going on!

 Happy April, Todd

Thursday, April 2, 2015


This Week's Bloggers: Rufus and Duncan


We are practicing our division skills using money. For example, if Rufus had $49 dollars and divided it equally among 7 friends, how much would each friend get?  Your answer here ________


We are busy building our sound makers for the Sound Parade. Duncan made a tuba using a plumbing pipe with a funnel on the end. He says it's also an excellent listening device. Rufus is still weighing his options. REMINDER:  Students need to bring sound makers to school Monday April 13th. The parade will take place Tuesday the 14th at 2:30 in the School Garden, right after the Publishing Party. Be there!  


We are finishing our non-fiction unit and we're about to tackle biographies. Biographies are true stories about people. These people are often famous but that's not a requirement.
We are getting settled into our new reading groups.  It's fun having new friends to read with. Duncan and Rufus's group is reading a book about puns. You might say it's punishing. Hahahahahahaha.  


We are putting the finishing touches on our informational books. This week we wrote our glossaries and conclusions. Rufus is writing about Native Americans. Duncan is writing about cars. We will share  our books at a publishing party. REMINDER: The publishing party is on the 14th 1:45-2:15p.m. Be there! 



Crashing surf, seagulls flying overhead, sand between our toes. Ok, not really. But we did have a beach party in the cafeteria this week. Everyone got to wear summer clothes and sit on towels. Thanks for putting on this party YES. 

Beach Day also fell on April 1st. Mr. Abbott played some devious tricks on us! He also reminded us that tricks are only fun if EVERYONE laughs, even the person(s) getting tricked. 

Green Thumbs!

Our wheat grass is growing like crazy.  It's an edible grass that's often used to make green smoothies. We'll have a taste when it gets a big bigger. For now, it's just nice to look at something fresh and green. 

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