Friday, March 27, 2015

YES HERALD 3/27/15

This Week's Bloggers:  Samantha, Jillian, Owen and Izzy 


We wrapped up our fractions unit and now we're learning how to multiply really big numbers. By the end of this unit,  we'll know he to multiply 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers.  

On Tuesday the whole class took a math assessment.  Don't worry parents.  We did great!  


New Books.  Yeah!  New reading groups. Yeah!  


We're  making excellent progress on our non-fiction informational books. We are using writing templates that Mr. Abbott shared with us in our Google Drives to organize our books into chapters. This week we focused on editing rough drafts. Owen is writing about volcanoes, Samantha's topic is hedgehogs and Jillian is writing about dreams.  Maybe the hedgehog dreams that he's being shot out of the volcano? 


This week we observed how different sound makers work. We were trying to make a connection between what we see, hear, and feel from different instruments.  Our door fiddle makes a sound like a cello.  The long gong sounds like church bells!


March Mammal Madness

The class participated in Mammal March Madness.  MMM was developed by a biologist at Harvard who turned the basketball tradition into an educational game. Think survival of the fittest.   Jillian's Rhino was a champion. It crushed Mr Abbott's mongoose. Sadly, Samantha's water horse was a casualty. Ask us more about how to play this game. 

The final results are in! The Sumatran Rhino, which is endangered with less than 1,000 left in the wild, was the winner! Our classroom winner, who had the winningest bracket AND the champion, was LEXI! Jillian also chose the winner! Great guesstimates! 


We planted wheat grass with Mrs. Sinclair. Unlike the grass in our yards, wheat grass is edible and super healthy. Once it grows, we're hoping to harvest the wheat grass and have a juicing party. Until then, we're watching the grass grow in pots on the class window and being  careful not to let the pots dry out.  Have you noticed any signs of spring in your yard?  

Not quite sure what's happening in this picture, but these are your bloggers of the week!

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