Friday, March 20, 2015


This Week's Bloggers: Mia & Riley

Happy Spring 3rd Grade Families! 

We're continuing to work with  fractions. 
You may hear us talking about a new learning tool called TenMarks Math.  These assignments will help us develop  critical thinking and problem solving skills.  We will earn certificates as we progress.  Keep an eye out for these in our folders. 


Mr. Abbott's former science teacher, Mr Corbett, came in twice this week to talk about waves.  Not the kind you surf on.  He's teaching us about sound and light waves as part of our sound unit.

In our Friday Folders, you'll find a note about our Sound Maker Parade coming up in April.  This will be a super fun, and potentially very loud project.  


We have finished writing the first chapter of our expert books. Riley is sharing her love of bike riding and Mia is writing about how to care for pet fish.  

Mr Abbott is also teaching us how to compare and contrast in writing. 


We are reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." It's a story about a China rabbit that goes overboard on a ship and has a series of adventures.


Community Meeting

We got together with the 4th grade to talk about How To Save The World. 
Some ideas include not smoking, being kind to animals and people, and putting an end to homework. 
The 4th graders all made book marks that featured ideas for making a positive difference in the world.

New Friend

Our new classmate, Owen, is fitting right in. He scored a home run in kickball on his first day!  We're so glad he came to Yarmouth. 

Leprechaun Traps

We combined our writing and artistic skills this week to catch leprechauns. Working with a partner we designed a trap.  Then we wrote about it works and drew a picture of it.  We have heard that the leprechauns are not happy about this assignment. 

We also got to see Lexi perform at YES her routine from Yarmouth's Got Talent! Here she is:

-Your Intrepid Bloggers,
Mia and Riley

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