Friday, March 27, 2015

YES HERALD 3/27/15

This Week's Bloggers:  Samantha, Jillian, Owen and Izzy 


We wrapped up our fractions unit and now we're learning how to multiply really big numbers. By the end of this unit,  we'll know he to multiply 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers.  

On Tuesday the whole class took a math assessment.  Don't worry parents.  We did great!  


New Books.  Yeah!  New reading groups. Yeah!  


We're  making excellent progress on our non-fiction informational books. We are using writing templates that Mr. Abbott shared with us in our Google Drives to organize our books into chapters. This week we focused on editing rough drafts. Owen is writing about volcanoes, Samantha's topic is hedgehogs and Jillian is writing about dreams.  Maybe the hedgehog dreams that he's being shot out of the volcano? 


This week we observed how different sound makers work. We were trying to make a connection between what we see, hear, and feel from different instruments.  Our door fiddle makes a sound like a cello.  The long gong sounds like church bells!


March Mammal Madness

The class participated in Mammal March Madness.  MMM was developed by a biologist at Harvard who turned the basketball tradition into an educational game. Think survival of the fittest.   Jillian's Rhino was a champion. It crushed Mr Abbott's mongoose. Sadly, Samantha's water horse was a casualty. Ask us more about how to play this game. 

The final results are in! The Sumatran Rhino, which is endangered with less than 1,000 left in the wild, was the winner! Our classroom winner, who had the winningest bracket AND the champion, was LEXI! Jillian also chose the winner! Great guesstimates! 


We planted wheat grass with Mrs. Sinclair. Unlike the grass in our yards, wheat grass is edible and super healthy. Once it grows, we're hoping to harvest the wheat grass and have a juicing party. Until then, we're watching the grass grow in pots on the class window and being  careful not to let the pots dry out.  Have you noticed any signs of spring in your yard?  

Not quite sure what's happening in this picture, but these are your bloggers of the week!

Friday, March 20, 2015


This Week's Bloggers: Mia & Riley

Happy Spring 3rd Grade Families! 

We're continuing to work with  fractions. 
You may hear us talking about a new learning tool called TenMarks Math.  These assignments will help us develop  critical thinking and problem solving skills.  We will earn certificates as we progress.  Keep an eye out for these in our folders. 


Mr. Abbott's former science teacher, Mr Corbett, came in twice this week to talk about waves.  Not the kind you surf on.  He's teaching us about sound and light waves as part of our sound unit.

In our Friday Folders, you'll find a note about our Sound Maker Parade coming up in April.  This will be a super fun, and potentially very loud project.  


We have finished writing the first chapter of our expert books. Riley is sharing her love of bike riding and Mia is writing about how to care for pet fish.  

Mr Abbott is also teaching us how to compare and contrast in writing. 


We are reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." It's a story about a China rabbit that goes overboard on a ship and has a series of adventures.


Community Meeting

We got together with the 4th grade to talk about How To Save The World. 
Some ideas include not smoking, being kind to animals and people, and putting an end to homework. 
The 4th graders all made book marks that featured ideas for making a positive difference in the world.

New Friend

Our new classmate, Owen, is fitting right in. He scored a home run in kickball on his first day!  We're so glad he came to Yarmouth. 

Leprechaun Traps

We combined our writing and artistic skills this week to catch leprechauns. Working with a partner we designed a trap.  Then we wrote about it works and drew a picture of it.  We have heard that the leprechauns are not happy about this assignment. 

We also got to see Lexi perform at YES her routine from Yarmouth's Got Talent! Here she is:

-Your Intrepid Bloggers,
Mia and Riley

Thursday, March 12, 2015

YES HERALD 3/12/15

This Week's Bloggers:  Ben and Zach

We're packing our learning into 4 days this week.  Friday the 13th is an in service day for teachers.  No school for students.  


This week we learned how to multiply and add fractions. We're also finding combinations that add up to 385.  Example: Number of days in a  year + 20 = 385, or 1/2 of 770. 


As part of our informational reading and writing unit, we're learning cool facts about animals. Do you know why elephants are so big?  They eat 300 pounds of plants every day.  That's a lot of leaves. 


Most of us have written introductions to our  expert books.  These books are a way for us to share our knowledge about subjects we know a lot about. Ben will offer tips on how to care for pet fish. Zach is writing about soccer. 


We've been checking out sound websites on the internet. This week we learned that elephants use infrasound, low frequency sound below the range of human hearing, to communicate with one another. We are also practicing "getting the gist" when we read non fiction texts.  


Sadly, the New England Revolution lost their first game of the season. 
Tuuka Rask of the Bruins gets a birthday win against the Senators.
The Celtics are on a 4 game winning streak. They beat the Grizzlies 95-92. 
The Patriots are trading Darel Revis and Vince Wilfork.
The Redsox are 6-2 in spring training.
Also, David Ortiz "Big Papi" announced he will retire at the end of next year. 


Big News!!!
We have a new student named Owen who just moved here from Florida. 
We said goodbye to Elijah
P.S if you are reading this Elijah we miss you! 
Noah celebrated his 9th birthday, with dinasour drawings. 

Good luck Yarmouth kids who are participating in Yarmouth's Got Talent!

Next Week

Gordon Corbett, who was Mr. Abbott's science teacher back in the day, will join us on Tuesday and Friday to talk about sound and light waves.  This will be fun!

And now, a word from our bloggers:

Friday, March 6, 2015


(Ed. Note: this is a week late. Editor's fault. This week's will be out soon!)

This week's Bloggers: Samantha & Maya


We are into the second week of Lego Wedo. These are mechanized Legos we program to follow simple directions. Some of us built goalies that moved back and forth to defend an imaginary goal. Other programmers built monkeys that beat a drum. If only we could build a robot to do our homework!  

Our multiplication skills improved tenfold this week. That's because Mr. Abbott taught us how to multiply by tens. 


We read "The Weird and Wonderful Octopus."  Is it Octopi, or is it Octopuses?  Octopuses have three hearts and they're actually quite smart. Cephalopods like to play games.

To help organize our thoughts, we are learning to make boxes and bullets.  See Maya's video for a better explanation of this technique. 


By now, all students have chosen topics for their expert books.  Samantha is writing about skiing and Maya will share her expertise on soccer.  This week we learned how to write a table of contents, an introduction and a detail web. 


We continued to work with  sound chambers this week with an experiment called Drop Box Code. To do this experiment, a series of objects were assigned letters. One student dropped objects and without looking, our partner had to guess what object dropped and write down its assigned letter. If we did it right, the sequence spelled a word. 


Elijah's Big Adventure

Our classmate Elijah is about to move to Ocean City, CA. He will make the cross country trip by bus and we made the virtual trip with him by tracking his upcoming journey on a map. We also celebrated his birthday. 

The short, sweet saga of Mr. Bubbles

It was with great joy that we welcomed a beta fish into the classroom this week. After a heated and competitive naming process we named our friend Mr. Bubbles. Sadly, Mr. Bubbles wasn't long for this world. He died two days later.  There are several theories circulating about his demise.  1) He got stuck under a rock. 2) He ate too much. 3) He starved to death. 4) Students who didn't like his name murdered him!  What do you think happened?  


We tied together the end of our geography unit and the start of our science unit with a Bagpipe concert.   Ryan Cowell's grandfather came into Mrs Gautreau's class to teach us about Scotland and play the bagpipes.  We learned that bagpipe players led soldiers  into battle and psyched out the enemy with their loud music. As such they were often targeted. That's why they all carried knives in their socks. 

And last but not least, this week's bloggers!