Friday, February 27, 2015

YES HERALD 2/27/15

This Week's Bloggers:  Norah and Ella


We are back from February break refreshed and ready to learn!  Mr. Abbott handed out new math journals this week and we're beginning a new multiplication unit.  We are learning how to use parentheses in math equations. 


We have moved  on from realistic fiction to informational reading and writing.  We plan to write "expert books" in which we'll share our vast knowledge on a particular subject. 3rd graders are getting started by writing lists of subjects we know a lot about.   Ella is a horse expert and Norah has double expertise in drawing and gardening.  


We now have the answers to perplexing questions like why poop is brown and why hair turns grey thanks to a book called "Why Don't Your Eyelashes Grow?" Parents, if you don't know the answers to these burning questions, you can ask your third grader or pick up the book. It's written by Beth Ann Ditkoff. As for eyelashes,  Ella and Norah say they do grow, but slowly and they fall out at a certain length.

Norah says the Time for Kids topic this week was super interesting.  It's an article about the parasitic guinea worm. This parasite lays eggs in water and those eggs grow into worms when people swallow them.  Ick.  Now there are only 126 people in the world, thanks to a simple filtration system. 


BOOM!!!!   We're studying sound.   This week we're making sound drop chambers.  We will test our knowledge of different sounds by dropping objects inside the  chambers without looking and try to guess the objects. 


We are helping the The American Heart Association raise money for people with heart disease. It's called Jump Rope For Heart. Your pledge may save someone's life. In the process, we're becoming jump rope experts. Ms. Spellman and Ms. Pachuta have taught us cool jump rope tricks. Ask us about the helicopter. 


Our classroom jobs have changed.  Everyone made a list of jobs they were interested in and Mr Abbott did the best he could to match students with their dream jobs. Norah is now the teacher's assistant and Ella is pencil protector and lunch transporter. 


Our classmate Elijah is moving to California in March. We are really going to miss him.  We plan to celebrate his birthday early before he leaves. 


Students built Legos with motors inside and programmed their movements on the computers.  This was a highlight.  


Bowdoin College student, Miss Sabina Hartnett came to our class to job shadow.  She may become a teacher but she's not sure yet.  

Your illustrious bloggers. :)

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