Friday, January 23, 2015

YES HERALD 1/23/15

Bloggers this week: Jillian, Ella, and Izzy
(Note from Publisher: this week's blog is late! That's my fault and not the bloggers' or the editor's! -Mr Abbott)


 This week we're learning how to measure the size of an angle in degrees. 
For example, a  right angle is 90 degrees. We're also learning the names of polygons.  Everyone knows a 3 sided shape is a triangle, but do you know what a 7 sided shape is called?


Most of us have chosen topics for our realistic fiction stories.   Izzy will write about a character named Asja who gets lost at the park.  Jillian is writing about a girl named Julie whose beloved dog dies.  
Mr. Abbott is teaching us how to scale Story Mountains.  Like mountains, stories must be scaled in stages. We start by introducing characters.  Then we bring in conflict, conflict resolution and  finally a happy ending.

We are learning not to write "and then" stories because it's a  boring way to tell a tale.  We're mixing up our sentence structure  for more creative story tellng.


Mr. Abbott is reading "The Mixed Up Files of Miss Basil E. Frankweiler."    The whole class loves this book.  Right now, the main characters are sleeping in a murderer's bed. Scary!  Wonder what will happen next? 

What really happened aboard the Mary Celeste?   We're reading a non-fiction (true) story about a ship that was abandoned more than 100 years ago. 


Every student has picked  a country to highlight in a slide show.
Jillian chose Ghana. Izzy  picked Norway and Ella chose England. 
We'll show our slide shows during parent  conferences.  


It's Lexi's birthday! The class will celebrate her special day with an origami party.

Our classmate Jeremiah left us this week. :(  He's going to be home schooled and we'll miss him.  

Community Meeting. 
Our class hosted this week. 
We taught "Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in Spanish,

French and Russian.  
Check out our video or ask us to perform it for you at home.

Parent Conferences!  Please sign up if you haven't already. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

YES HERALD 1/16/15

This Week's Bloggers:  Mia and Jack (and Izzy)


In geometry, we're learning about polygons. These are multi-sided closed shapes including hexagons, squares and triangles. We are  also studying the angles inside these shapes.
Parent quiz:
Which is smallest, Acute, Right or Obtuse angle?
Your answer___________

We also had Math Exploiration with Mrs. Sullivan, Dr. MacVane and Mrs. Reich.  Thanks moms for teaching us how to make and measure shapes with blocks.  


In honor off Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, we read the book Martin's Big Words and we wrote thank you letters, thanking him for his contributions to the civil rights movement.  


We're reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, by E. l. Konigsburg. We LOVE this book.


In our Geography unit this week, each of us picked a country to showcase in a slide show presentation.  Mia chose New Zealand because she likes Kiwis. Jack picked Columbia, just because.


SICKNESS STRIKES!! Mr. Abbott was out sick for 3  days this week with the flu.  Mrs. Clifford and Mrs Vogel substituted.  They were great but we are really happy Mr. Abbott is back.
Seven students, a third of the class, were out sick Friday.  We hope Ben, Colter, Riley, Samantha, Michael, Ella, and Jillian all feel better soon. 

SPY TIME. To wrap up our detective unit, Detective Bianchini came in to talk with us about what it takes to be a real detective. Can you sleuth out how we got him yo come visit?


Sunday, January 11, 2015


Bloggers this week:  Atticus and Colter


We started Unit 6 which is all about geometry.  We made acute and obtuse triangles using twist ties and straws.  If it's been a while since you studied geometry,  acute triangles are smaller than 90 degrees. Obtuse triangles are greater than 90 degrees.


We are learning how to write realistic fiction.  These are stories that didn't happen, but could--so no flying saucers or space aliens in these stories.  We're developing our characters for these stories by listing their inside and outside characteristics on T-charts.


As you know, we've been reading mystery stories. The latest was "Mystery Of The Lost Pearl" by Olive Blake.  Ask us how the sleuths found Mrs. Piper's lost pearl!


In our geography unit,  we're learning where Yarmouth is in relationship to the rest of the world. Ready?   Yarmouth is in Maine. Maine is in the United States. The U.S. is in a North America and North America is in the world.

We are also beginning to work on our Heritage projects. We're reading books about our native countries and talking to our relatives about "the old country."

SPECIAL VISITOR. As part of our mystery unit, Detective Bianchini, a real sleuth, is coming in to talk about how he does his job.

BRRRRRRR!!!! had to have indoor recess for most of the week. We REALLY missed going outside.

DRAWING IS BACK. Before break, Mr.  Abbott had to take this choice away from "Read, Rest, Draw" time because the artists were getting a bit rambunctious.  We're glad to have this option back.

PARTY!  Rufus's 9th birthday is coming up and he's invited the whole class to his house. The invitations are in our folders.

SUPER SHARP.  Our awesome volunteer Papa fixed the blades on the pencil sharpener.  Now it runs like a dream.  The class pencil sharpeners are very grateful.


SUBSTITUTE.  Mr. Abbott had to take care of Hazel, so we had Mrs. Garneau as a substitute for Friday afternoon:

Just some guys from our class...