Tuesday, December 16, 2014

YES HERALD 12/12/14

This Week's Bloggers are Regan and Maya


We are taking part in a nationwide initiative called "Hour of Code."   We're playing fun games called Light Bot,  Holiday Lights, Elsa, Avatar, Snowflakes and Beat.  The rules of these games teach us the basics of computer programming.  

We just started a new Sumdog holiday contest.  We are testing our addition and subtraction skills against  other kids from all over the country.


We showed off our writing skills on Thursday at our Publishing Party. Thanks to all the parents and family members who came in to read our work.  It was fun for us to read all your comments.


We started up reading groups again.  Maya's group is reading "The Chocolate Touch," a story about a boy who LOVES chocolate.

Mr. Abbott is reading a new story to us.  It's the first Geronimo Stilton book called "The Treasure of the Emerald's Eye."


We've been zooming around the world using "Google Earth"  as part of  Geography unit.  We're also learning how many different kinds of maps there are. Ask us to show you Maine on a map of the United States. 


We're finishing our art projects, but our lips our sealed :)

We got to sample meal worms with our principal Mrs. Lane.  They came in two flavors; cheddar cheese and mexican.  Maya concluded that they were both gross.  Regan liked the Mexican style but said it had a bad aftertaste.  Regan would eat worms again if she was really hungry.  Maya would not.
Mrs. Lane was out sick the next day.  Hmmmm.

We finished Junior Achievement with Mrs  Reich this week and got our certificates. Thanks Mrs. Reich!  

We had a community meeting about "filling buckets." Filling buckets is a euphemism for making other people feel good. We filled Yarmouth's bucket with a food drive for the Yarmouth Food Pantry. 


Attitus turned 9 on December 5th.
Jeremiah turns 9 on the 14th.
And Zach turns 8 on the 24th.

Next week is the last week of school before Christmas Vacation.  This year is flying by!  

Our illustrious bloggers!

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