Friday, November 7, 2014


Week 4 11/7/14
Bloggers Emily & Lexi


Big News!  Our class won the Sumdog  math competition for Cumberland County.  This is a super fun educational math game we play on the computer. We will all get to take home Cerrtificates of Merit in recognition of our awesome math skills. 
We are also learning to measure the "area" of an object. The area is the size of a surface. Sometimes we figure it out using multiplication.  


This week we typed up  our personal narratives. These are true stories about us.  Lexi wrote  a story about crashing her sled into a stream.  Fortunately, she survived to tell the tale. Emily wrote about building a chicken coop with her Dad.  They eat lots of eggs at her house. 


Mrs. Clark is teaching us about "ebooks."  These are electronic books we can check out online.

Mr. Abbott is showing us how to look  for surprises in stories. Most good books have twists and turns.  In the morning, he's reading "The Tiger Rising"  to us. After lunch  we read "Because of Winn Dixie."


We watched a video about fossils.  These are parts of plants and animals that have been preserved. 
We're also doing an experiment with bins of sand to study different types of erosion. Ask us which erodes sand faster.  Wind, water, or ice?


Our favorite part of the week was  a  field trip to Yarmouth High School to climb  the Rock Wall. 
There were four different routes to get to the top. Emily was surprised by how quickly some students climbed to the top.  Lexi said you couldn't tell how challenging the routes were by  looking.  You had to climb them to find out. 

On Friday we did Junior Achievement with Mrs. Reich.  We are learning about the different zones that make up a city like business industrial, residential,  and agriculatural. 

Double Gym this week. Yea!  Who doesn't love gym twice. 

We did drawings of buildings in our town for art class. The assignment was to sketch the front and side of a building.  Lexi drew her house and Emily drew Handy Andy's.  


No school on Tuesday.  It's Veteran's Day.  

This Week's Bloggers: Emily and Lexi
Our science experiment.  Ask us about erosion.
We are the best at Sumdog!
Junior Achievement: Thanks Mrs. Reich!

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