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YES Herald 11/21/14

Bloggers:  Elijah and Colby
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We're  working on multiplication and division.  In class, we've been using the white board to divide pennies into groups.  We're using the same technique at home with real coins.  Colby and Elijah agree that division is a little trickier than multiplication, but they're getting the hang of it.


We have finished writing our personal narratives.  Now we're typing them up on our laptops.
Elijah wrote about a bad field trip where he slipped in a tide pool. Colby wrote about the adventures he had with his cousin at Funtown Splashtown.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we wrote letters to "Farmer Abbott" from the perspective of a turkey.
Our assignment was to persuade Farmer A. not to eat us!  Colby tried flattery, but also warned that he had a ferocious guard dog.  Elijah took a defensive approach, telling Farmer A. that he was moldy and tasted like rotten baby diapers.  No word yet if any pardons have been issued.

We're also practicing cursive writing. Ask us to show you our skills during Thanksgiving break.


Our reading groups are reading Mr. Popper's Penguins, Cat Wings, Freckle Juice, and All About Sam.


We watched a cool earthquake video narrated by Bill Nye The Science Guy.  We're also doing an experiment with a frozen water balloon that's covered in play dough.  The water balloon represents a drop of rain, and the play dough (once it dried out) represents Mount Katahdin (or any other rock).  We let the play dough around the rain drop harden (like igneous rock) and then set it aside for "winter."  Winter in this case was the Teacher's Room Freezer of SCIENCE.  Then we observed it after winter.  Does water beat rock?  Ask your geologist!


Mr. Abbott celebrated his birthday.  His age is a mystery.  Elijah guesses 35.  Colby thinks he's closer to 44.

Thanksgiving Vacation starts Wednesday!

Mrs. Wolinsky will be volunteering at the Maine Digital Festival on December 13th.  If Mrs. Wolinsky is involved, you know it's going to be cool!  Find out more here:

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