Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Updates!

Hello Third Grade Families!

A few odds and ends from the last couple of weeks that didn't fit in on the YES Herald or other places. :)

The High School Boys Soccer Team won the state class B championships! I'm not quite sure what position this kiddo plays on the team, but we were lucky enough to get the trophy for share and to spend a day in our room before going behind the case in the High School.  Go Clippers!

We also had an interesting group of kiddos set to engineering a pretty impressive tower during one of our indoor recesses recently.  I see quite a bit of (hidden) math going on here!

We had Mrs. Wolinsky for Third Grade Hour and she's always got something neat and new cooking up her sleeves.

We also started playing a new game called "Multiplication Baseball."  In Multiplication Baseball the pitcher rolls two dice to the batter.  The dice become factors and the batter has to name the product to swing at the ball.  If they get it right, they read the directions to see if it's a single, double, or triple.  If they get it wrong, it's a strike!  Batter up!

Speaking of multiplication, we were lucky enough to get a visit from Mrs. Parkin's fourth graders in Mrs. Colfer's room.  They're also doing multiplication, and Mrs. Parkin noticed that some of them were having trouble with the 8s.  So she re-wrote the lyrics to "All About that Bass" to "All About those 8s" and shared it with our classes.  So if you know anyone having trouble with the 8s times tables, you can send them to Mrs. Parkin's Parkin Spot where they can practice and shake it at the same time!

That's it for now!  Thanksgiving break this week, so there won't be a YES Herald on Friday, look for it back in action next week in December!

-Mr. Abbott and Class

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