Friday, October 31, 2014


Week 3 10/31/14
Bloggers: Duncan & Rufus


We are continuing to study measurements. We made triangles using straws and twist ties and measured the perimeters. The perimeter is the length of the outside lines. 


We are wrapping up our Personal Narratives. These are true stories about our lives.  Rufus wrote about the time he crashed his bike on Blood Corner on Cliff Island.  Duncan wrote about the time he and a friend almost flipped a Boston Whaler off Bailey Island. 


We are predicting what characters/ourselves are going to do in the stories we're reading. This helps us become smarter readers. 


As part of our Geology unit, we are learning about erosion. Miss Debbie from the Cumberland County Soil and Water Management Agency came in to do a few experiments with us. We got to build villages and flood them.  It was cool. 


On Halloween we went on a field trio to Mt. Appetite Farm in Auburn to find rocks.  Each of us got to bring one home.  Duncan was surprised by the amount of mica. "They might as well call it Mt. Mica," said Geologist Duncan.  Rufus thought the baby Mammoth tooth was crazy.  "I think that Mammoth needed a special dentist and some fluoride rinse," said Geologist Rufus. 

You can make your own visit to Mt. Apatite. Contact Cookin Carol at She is very kind in allowing us to visit and welcomes you and your family to her farm, just get in touch first for a great family day!


Next Wednesday November 5th we are going on a field trip to the Rock Gym.  Parents, please remember to put your kids in comfortable clothes that are suitable for climbing.

Next Friday November 7th Mrs. Reich will begin Junior Achievement with us.  

And that's the latest news  from your bloggers at the YES Herald. 

Your Bloggers Duncan and Rufus
A great example of garnet. 

Jedi Master Hazel made a guest appearance on Halloween riding her trusty steed. :)

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