Friday, October 17, 2014

YES Herald October, 17 2014

YES HERALD Oct 17 2014
Week 1 Bloggers Jack  & Zach


This week we learned "trades first subtraction."  Parents may remember this as borrowing numbers,  but Mr. Abbott calls it trading.  We also learned "partial sums addition."  We're able to add some huge numbers using these techniques. 


Everyone personalized the covers of their writing journals this week. They look awesome.   Zach did a soccer theme.  Jack focused on hockey players.


Mrs. Hagerty and Mrs. Brown came in to read with us.  We finished "The One And Only Ivan"  and "Stone Fox."  Zach loved all the details in Ivan.  Jack really enjoyed both books. Here are a few of us reading independently during Reading Workshop:



We did a  cool experiment with Starburst Candies.   We squished  orange, cherry and lemon flavors all together.  Then  we chewed the candy 5 times, 20 times, and finally  a whole bunch of times.  We wrote down observations after each chewing session.  Delicious.  

Your Bloggers: Jack  and Zach

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