Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Butterfly in the Sky!

We were lucky enough to have Zach's mom come in to class last week and share something very special with us. You probably remember seeing monarch butterflies all over the place when you were little? And not so much these days? Well it's not just here in Maine, but all over the country. 

Ms. Sinclair shared a story about monarchs with us, told us about their vanishing habitat, and GAVE our class two monarch caterpillars to take care of! 

Well, we have exciting news. Over the weekend one of them has already entered its chrysalis! The other one is looking nice and plump and ready to follow sometime soon. This is quite fun. 

Once they are both in a chrysalis, we will transfer them to a screen enclosure. And once they hatch we will release them into the garden!

Here is the first one to enter a chrysalis:

Here is the second one looking nice and plump:

We'll keep you posted on the developments as they happen. 

-Todd and class

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