Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello From France!

Eloise and her family are busy in France, but not so busy they can't share some of their experiences with us!  Straight from Arles, here is an update from Eloise.   -Mr. Abbott

Hello from France! 
The Pont Du Gard is a famous bridge that carried water to a town called Nimes. We found a huge jar of Nutella. We found it from a shop near the Pont Du Gard.
On the third day we were in France we went to the Amphitheater and the Arena which are over 2,000 years old and built by the Romans.
We also saw a really old boat built by the Romans. 
Our house in a town called Arles is 1,000 years old with four floors.... And built by the Romans.
When we went to the Vincent van Gogh art museum we were amazed! It is so pretty.
There was also a really big castle. It's so big and beautiful!

Boy do I miss my cat but not my brothers!

 Ancient arena built by Romans 2000 years ago

Eloise blogging

Giant Nutella

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