Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coming Along

Hello families of Mr. Abbott's class!

We are making some great progress as we move into the latter half of September.  A few updates on what's happening in each of our main academic areas right now:

Math: We've started moving along in math, as you've probably surmised by the Home Links that have been coming home.  No Home Link today, today we did a quick math inventory to see where we're all at.

Reading: We've started talking about our reading histories and what we want for our reading futures, and I heard some great conversations about this.  We also started working on our reading stamina, building capacity for independent reading in the future.

Theme: Geology!  If you haven't heard about Geology yet then I guess you better now!  Keep looking for that rock to bring in and we'll be digging a hole through the Earth tomorrow.

Technology: The internet at Y.E.S. has been a little persnickety, but we've still managed to get on to and create portfolio covers for our, well, portfolios!  We're looking forward to some serious Geology research as well and can't wait for the wireless update coming this fall.

Community: I have been very impressed with how caring, concerned, and conscientious our class has been as we talk about inclusivity, sharing, and how to make this year the best for as many people as possible.  We'll keep talking about this all year long!

I hope that's a good update for now and will keep you interested for finding out more at the Open House on Monday!  Look forward to seeing you then!


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