Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hello there, families of Mr. Abbott's class.  I wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time at the high school climbing on the wall with the physical education teacher, Mr. Simms.  Mr. Simms gave us a solid overview of safety and climbing, and then set us loose on the wall!  You should be so proud, everybody did a really great job.

There are tons of pictures!  I'm going to work on getting them a little bit organized and then posting them here so you can see your geologist up on the wall.  I do have to apologize, but due to the restrictions of gravity most of the pictures are from below and behind our climbers, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to recognize your child!

After we were done climbing, we had a discussion about the differences between the climbing wall and a more natural, outdoor, granite wall that we could climb.  We talked about how the "holds" in nature would be made by weathering and erosion (answers supplied by classroom geologists!), and how wind, water, and ice form the natural places we could climb.

Tomorrow (I'm hoping we have school!), we're going to learn how to use an app called "PicCollage" and let each child create their own collage of pictures they are in!

In other news, we've started our new unit of math and are continuing work on non-fiction in reading and writing.  Our explorations in geography continue as we start in on states and we will then move into country research.  Exciting times, but then again, it always feels exciting in this class!

I hope all's well,

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  1. Sounds like all involved had a great time!
    Would have loved seeing the kids in action...
    Looking forward to the photos...
    Thank you for the update!