Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friday is Coming!

Hello Families of Mr. Abbott's Class!

I'm so sorry for the late notice, but as you know by now I'm new to some of the rhythms of school life at Yarmouth Elementary School.  That said, I wanted to inform you of two upcoming events, both on Friday!

1. We will be having a Read-A-Thon all day long!  I have told students that they can bring in a sleeping bag OR a blanket, as well as ONE pillow to keep them as comfy as possible all day.  We're holding off on stuffed animals and pajamas (no matter what they tell you!) for this first foray (for me) into a Read-A-Thon.  It should be fun!

2.  We will be having a Publishing Party and Pot-Luck Healthy Snack Share on Friday afternoon starting at 2:20.  I will be sending home a paper invitation tomorrow with more details, but if you can come and join us we would love to show you some of the writing we've been working on and hear your comments!

Again, I apologize for the late notice, I know it will probably be hard for some of you at the last minute.  If you can't make it but can still send me an email update or email congratulations, I can print those out to surprise your author with during the Publishing Party!  You can view some of the writing we've done already this year (some still in progress) if you log in to your child's Google Account.  They know how to do this, just ask them!

I hope you're doing well at this exciting time of year, I know experientially that your children are quite excited right now!

Please feel free to contact me,

(And be sure to check back over break for some pictures of our Read-A-Thon and Publishing Party!)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Exciting New Science Update!

Hello Families of Mr. Abbott's Class!

We had a pretty good week here at Yarmouth Elementary School.  We've been practicing our multiplication facts and learned an exciting new baseball math game.  We talked about the rocks we brought in for our geology unit and how we know that they are perfect.  We even created "rocks" using Epsom salts and container lids.  But I'm not going to tell you about that.  Instead, we have a panel of scientists available to tell you more about that:

Quite impressive, aren't they?  Photos were brought to you by our Class Photographer Paige and voice-overs can be quickly identified by your child!  Now that we know how easy it is to make "How-To" videos, expect to see (and hear) more of us soon!

We also had our first volunteer join us for Daily 5 literacy workshop on Thursday, please keep your eyes peeled on email inboxes for more opportunities soon!

Have a great weekend,