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It's been a few weeks since we last updated and there's a list of items to tell you about that now extends across many sticky notes.  Rather than blast you all at once, I'm going to try and make a few small updates over the next couple of days to spread the excitement!

We've started Fall Conferences and so far they've gone great!  I would like to apologize to any parents if we started late, I try to keep on schedule but sometimes get a little backed up.  Thank you so much for your patience.  I'm really enjoying my time with the class this year, and it's nice to get to know some of the faces that brought them to me.  :)

Hannaford Gift Cards are an AMAZING way to help donate money to our school, and best of all, it's FREE to you!  If you send your money in to me I'll send it to the PTO who will then send you back a full-charged Debit-style card to Hannaford.  You get the full amount you pay, and 5% goes to the school's PTO!  That's 5% that goes towards trips, books, supplies, all kinds of great things for our school!  You can find out more information here, and if you have any questions please just ask.  This program seems great, they raised thousands of dollars last year!  Here's the link again:

I hope you can help out!  (For free!)

We're well into our work in Literacy Workshop following the Daily 5 format.  If you haven't heard about it from your child you should ask them.  Each week we work on a different skill that can help us with our reading.  This week it's chunking words into manageable pieces.  We watched a silly video that gave us some ideas of what chunking looks like, and played Chunk It in class.  I've been pushing our readers to use this strategy and have seen great results.

We also had a mock election at school this week, meticulously and tirelessly set up by Mrs. Colfer and Mrs. Parkin.  We learned much about elections and the electoral college and the road to the White House, and then on Tuesday we were assigned New Jersey (still a little waterlogged), Michigan, and Montana to vote for.  Once that was done we sent our electors to the electoral college in Washington, D.C. (the cafeteria) where they cast our electoral votes.  You may have heard the screaming when we heard the results.  It was quite an exciting event, and a great moment to talk about no matter how excited we were (or unexcited), the most important thing was that we all worked together to get it done and would work together in the future.

Here's a picture of how we divided the class into states and the start next to a name in each state was drawn from a hat to be that state's elector:

Then, during the Electoral Convention (lunchtime) our electors brought our class ballots to the convention floor:

Finally, the paparazzi caught a couple of our electors on their way out of the polling station:

Overall, this experience was a great success, and it was really fun to see so many students so excited about current events!

We're almost done our sound unit!  It's been really fun, we have one  more exploration, and today we listened to a kalimba just like (well almost just like) the one we have in class.

Snow!  We had our first snow today, and sadly had to stay in during recess while it rained most of that fluffy white fun away.  I've been "from away" for a while now, but my sources tell me there's a very good chance that we'll see even more of the stuff before winter is over.  I'll have to just wait and see on that one.

That's it for today, but keep your eyes peeled and fingers poised for more updates soon!
Todd and the Class

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