Friday, November 30, 2012

Good-Bye Fall

December Greetings Families of Mr. Abbott's Class!

Once again it's been a very busy week here at Yarmouth Elementary School in room 103.  Here are a few highlights that I thought you might want to know about. 

Portland Public Library - Yarmouth Branch!  Our classroom librarians are responsible for signing books in and out of our new section of library.  Books became available this morning, and were almost all signed out by lunch.  We're very excited about this, and hoping it will continue.

Geology - Field Trip!  We started our new unit on Geology and took a field trip to the Maine Children's Museum (some pictures below, but not enough!  We may have a new classroom job: paparazzi!) and read about how to choose the perfect rock.  Don't forget to bring in a rock for Monday!  Also for Monday, try to bring in a jar or container top, something small, to grow Epsom salt crystals in.  If you want to cut out a small piece of sponge to go inside the top that is supposed to make the crystals a little bigger, but this will be my first time trying this too, so we'll have to see what happens!  I was so engrossed in our presentation at the museum that I didn't take any pictures of the rocks part, but here's some others from around the museum:

Space Shuttle Pilot set for launch.

The Maine Lumber Industry is in for a run for its money!

Apparently our Space Shuttle Pilot is also a Lighthouse Keeper.
She has many talents!

Multiplication and Division!  We've started exploring these concepts in math, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more work with them as this unit progresses.

Kind, Compassionate, and Considerate!  We took a few moments to try and imagine how sad the students at Falmouth Elementary School must be right now, following the loss of such an amazing person and teacher.  We put together a list of some of his attributes and wrote letters and illustrated cards to send to the students there at Falmouth.  You should be very proud of your child, they all showed very touching compassion and understanding.  Here is the update we (the teachers) received from Principal Betsy Lane regarding our act of kindness:

From: Betsy Lane

Hello Everyone - The cards and notes that some of you and the students made/wrote for the students and teachers at Falmouth Elementary School who lost their beloved teacher Kevin Grover were deeply appreciated. The person that called us this afternoon to express their gratitude said that students and adults were particularly touched by our thoughtfulness, especially the children writing to the children. They were genuinely moved by the gesture of friendship.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you and your children for making such a touching gesture.
That's about it for now.  Enjoy the weekend, have fun looking for the perfect rock,  and I'll see you on Monday morning!


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