Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Books and Nooks

Good news!  Mr. Abbott (that's me!) and Mrs. Abbott (my wife, not my mom... I have to keep clarifying this when I speak to the class) finally made it to Portland Public Library where I promptly filled my big bike messenger bag with books!  I found some great looking picture books, some amazing chapter books, some mysteries and Greek myths, and some graphic novelizations of classic tales!  These books are going to go into a special book bin in our classroom where students will have to sign them out (they can just take and trade books in our regular classroom library) so I can make sure I get them all back in time to return them to the Portland Public Library.  During conferences I spoke with some of you about trying to find High Interest books for your reader, and this is a first step towards doing that.  If these books (some of which are series) turn out to grab our class, then there are plenty more to get where they came from.

These books will need to stay in our class in our special book bin or in student book bins.  We get to read independently for at least 20 minutes a day in class during our Reader's Workshop, which we call the Daily 5.  During this time students either Read to Self, Listen to Reading, do Work Work, or go to Teacher Table for Guided Reading.  If you've been following our Final 5 page on this blog you'll probably have heard a bit about those already.  Which brings me to...

Nooks!  When readers are doing "Read to Self" they are allowed to find a comfy place in the classroom to settle in and really get wrapped up in their book.  Right now, it's usually a little bit of a mad rush to see who can get to one of the two "teacher chairs" in the classroom because they are the comfiest places.  I was hoping you could help us create a few more comfy nooks in our classroom for readers to snuggle up in.  If you have any old pillows, crazy-creaks, tiny bean bags, or similar items that are clean (or washed) and you aren't using or would be disposing of otherwise, we would love to be a new home for them!  We're getting along quite fine as it is right now, but there's always room for improvement.  Again, this is not an assignment, please don't go out and buy anything, but if you do come across anything that looks appropriate please let me know!

One last thought on that.  We are not allowed to add any "furniture" to our rooms.  There has historically been too much "stuff" in the schools and not enough space to store it all.  So we will have to graciously refuse any donations of E-Z-Chairs, sectionals, Air Chairs, La-Z-Boys, or other such items, no matter how comfy they are.  We will need to keep things quite compact.  :)

Thanks so much, and look for a fun Thanksgiving post tomorrow with links to all sorts of fun math ideas for a mathtastic Thanksgiving!


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