Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NECAP No More!

Hello and welcome to October proper!  NECAP testing is behind us, we don't even have anybody to take make-up sessions this year, so that is quite a relief.  As you probably heard, I was out at a conference on Friday and our class had a substitute.  Since we spent the previous two weeks squeezing every last drop of information out of our brains, we used Friday as a day-long "Brain Break" and did some relaxing work.  I hope all of our students found it beneficial.  Of course, I then had to come back and be the "Bad Guy" on Monday and start us back into our regular learning routines, but I think we can all get over that and move on!

A couple of reminders of things we have going on right now:

First, noise makers.  Hopefully you had some extra time over the last two weeks to put together some sort of noise maker.  We've been working on our sound unit in science for quite some time, and your child should be talking at home about pitch, tension, volume, and other sound-related terms.  We plan on having a "parade" on Thursday BEFORE DISMISSAL, at 2:45, behind the school along the walker's path and garden.  If you would like to set up a chair or just come and stake out a spot we would love to have an audience to show of our new noisemakers for!  If you haven't had a chance to send your noisemaker in, please do so ASAP!

Second, writing notebooks.  We spent some time yesterday decorating our writer's notebooks with pictures, stickers, and tape that the kiddos brought in from home.  Those that brought extra were very good at sharing, but if you want to send something else in please do at any time, and we'll try to make some time to spruce them up a bit more.  The decorated covers will serve as inspiration on days when we need ideas for writing.

Third, homework and spelling tests.  Homework will start up again as usual this week, so look for those math Home Links most days and spelling sheets on Wednesdays and Reading Logs each night and anything else that makes its way into the Take-Home folder!  We're starting some potentially confusing addition and subtraction algorithms so keep an eye out for explanations coming home with them.  Spelling tests will be coming home as soon as I can get them checked over, take note of any missed words and use the accompanying sheet and practice page to work on getting them down pat.

Fourth, I'm setting up dates for parent/teacher conferences starting the last week of October, please keep an eye out for an email and a letter home about scheduling.

Fifth, and final for now, hexaflexagons!  If you see your child compulsively folding some papers around and around and asking you for more paper, it's because we are celebrating hexaflexagons during October.  Check out the videos linked above to see more of what that's about!

So there's a bit of an update for you!  As always, if you need me please send me a note or an email and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Keep checking our Final Five page for a glimpse into what we're doing every day!


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