Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exciting Week Done, Exciting Week Coming!

Families of Mr. Abbott's class, have we got some news for you!

To start with, a quick recap of the exciting week we just finished.  During this last week we made trihexaflexagons for hexaflexagon day (today!).  We had our Sound Maker Parade around the School Garden which many of you were able to come and enjoy.  We finally started a pretty solid routine of our Daily 5, where students get to rotate through a series of activities related to literacy.  Our GloFish finally arrived, and now we need to give them names!  We also got a shiny new whiteboard for the front of our class that is just begging to be written on and erased clean over and over.

Busy week, right?

This coming week promises to be just as fun!  Even though hexaflexagon day is behind us, we still have to master the hexahexaflexagon.  The naming of our fish will be of utmost importance on Monday.  We have no library this week because we have the book fair to tackle instead!  We will also continue to work on our Daily 5 choices and extend our time for each activity a little longer.

Now to get to some of the details about the week past and the week upcoming.

Here is the content of an email I exchanged with Mr. Gordon, who teaches fourth grade, and who is excited to use the expertise of our students when his class works on hexaflexagons:

Mr. Gordon:

Here's some good videos:
This is the first video in her series.  I recommend #2 and "safety tips" too!

This is another video that I found a little more helpful with assembly instructions:

And her page has links to flexagons and directions written out that might be more helpful:

And I haven't done much with this page, but be careful, these are HEXAhexaflexagons, so they're more complex but more rewarding.  :)

Good luck!

-Mr. Abbott

Feel free to explore these delightful mathematical constructions at home, too, they are endlessly entertaining and the educational opportunities abound.

I was also able to snap a few pictures of some of our students hard at work during The Daily 5:

Here are some of us doing Read to Self:

We also worked on Read to Someone:

Listen to Reading is very popular:

Our newest addition is Word Work:

Now you can see (literally) why we had such a good week and why we're so excited for the next week to begin.  One of the more exciting things coming up this week is the Book Fair in the Library.  We'll be going two times (on Tuesday and Thursday) for 30 minutes each time.  I can't wait to see what books our students get, and there's a chance I'll be able to make my own "Wish List" for our class as well!

Keep your ears open for other exciting developments this week, and let me know if you have any exciting news of your own to share.

-Mr. (Todd) Abbott

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