Friday, September 21, 2012

Week Three Roundup

Parents and Students of Mr. Abbott's Class!

Congratulations on finishing our third week of school!  Some exciting new things happened this week, so I thought I would update you on them.  This will give us all some things to think about as we rest up this weekend for the rigor of next week.

We started our spelling this week.  We're still adapting to the timing/scheduling aspect, so the homework didn't go home on Wednesday, but many of you still got it back in one night's time.  If you didn't, don't stress, just bring it in on Monday or as soon as you can.  We'll work on getting it out to you on time (Wednesday) next week.

We sent home reading logs today, and discussed how to fill them out.  Although there is no space on there for the weekend, you are definitely still allowed to read over the weekend!  Then on Mondays start keeping track of your approximate reading habits throughout the week.  I encourage you to read 15-20 minutes a night, but this is not a requirement.  Some nights are busy and might only be 5 minutes, other nights you get lost in a book and it could be hours!  I know the feeling!

We had open school night which was very successful and fun.  I got to meet a few of you who I hadn't met yet, which was nice.  Then I had to talk really quick and not talk to you but at you because of the kind of night it is.  Don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to talk specifically about your scholar at conferences.  :)

Our EcoSphere and shrimps are going strong!  It sounds like some of you have been hearing about them.

If you haven't had a chance yet, go and check out our "Final Five" page, it has the last three final fives and there are some old posts that will be going up soon!

I look forward to seeing my scholars bright and early Monday morning!


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